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The Company

We provide digital retail solutions integrated with “customer influence”, and develop new business models using cutting-edge technologies and web marketing and communication strategies.

An Italian Brand that is a leader in the domestic eCommerce market and a recipient of prestigious awards.

We are a forward-looking company, and are busy exporting our user experience overseas.

360° eCommerce

We develop and manage customised mono and multi-brand eCommerce platforms. We bring together online/offline multi-channel systems and logistics and accounting processes. We implement marketing and communication strategies for stores and social networks. We have an ad hoc Store Management and Customer Care service. We provide Click & Collect and Buy & Collect solutions. We manage B2Consumer and B2Business sales channels.


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B2X S.r.l.
Via Tiburtina 1236
00131 Roma
P.IVA 11020591001

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