An integrated solution for real-time analysis of e-commerce performance

bi.te is a proprietary b2x solution, born of collaboration between the b2x Data Scientist team and various Italian universities and companies. An evolution of over 10 years of research to identify the critical monitoring factors of e-commerce channels, performance indicators and areas for improvement for both low-turnover and larger e-commerce channels, and integrated with third-party systems.

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The bi.te platform allows real-time analysis of an e-commerce Direct to Consumer channel or marketplace; and operates in a number of areas:

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  • Analysis of sales trends by channel, brand and product
  • Product performance analysis
  • Integrated analysis of navigation data and sales performance
  • Analysis of abandoned shopping carts and purchase funnels
  • Performance analysis of marketing campaigns, emails and couponing
  • Analysis of lifetime value and customer loyalty indicators
  • KPI analysis and comparison with reference markets
  • Monitoring of logistics and delivery performance
  • Channel profit & loss analysis

The b2x Data Scientist team is also able to create custom solutions for specific brand needs and integration with external data sources.




An integrated solution for real-time analysis of e-commerce performance


An omnichannel platform for the management of all online sales processes




Innovative predictive technology which uses AI to analyse e-commerce KPIs and provide realistic indications of turnover trends

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