An omnichannel platform for the management of all online sales processes

The e-commerce expertise of the b2x team, gained during the development of multiple successful e-commerce channels, led to the creation of a multi-channel e-commerce cloud platform, capable of designing fully customisable solutions based on the needs of the brand and combining proprietary e-commerce, app and marketplace, which can be integrated with the major ERP and technological solutions on the market.

The Bcommerce Cloud platform is the evolution of more than 10 years of e-commerce channels, and allows:

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  • Management of customised front-end e-commerce channels or those created with market platforms (e.g. Shopify or Magento2)
  • Integration of multiple marketplaces (e.g. Amazon, eBay, Westwing, ManoMano), with standardisation of back-office operational processes and order handling
  • Creation of flexible catalogues based on destination geography and discount models
  • A comprehensive multi-warehouse and multi-courier suite for Italy and abroad
  • A comprehensive integrated suite of marketing automation and CRM, to be combined with existing brand solutions
  • Integration with ERP systems via APIs or customised solutions
  • A wide variety of payment systems available (e.g. credit cards from 5 different providers: PayPal, Scalapay, Bancomat Pay, Klarna, cash on delivery) and can be integrated

The Bcommerce Cloud platform is accompanied by the bi.te Business Intelligence platform, capable of monitoring over 350 performance indicators in real time and providing information to improve the efficiency of each channel and its points of failure.



An integrated solution for real-time analysis of e-commerce performance


An omnichannel platform for the management of all online sales processes




Innovative predictive technology which uses AI to analyse e-commerce KPIs and provide realistic indications of turnover trends

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