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The Dedica Anthology


  • The Dedica Anthology


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  • July 2018
The Dedica Anthology is the new leader in the world of luxury hôtellerie, which has chosen B2X to define its Social Media strategy. The new Italian luxury brand comprises a collection of 9 hotels in Europe, all located in prestigious buildings such as: Palazzo Naiadi in Rome, Palazzo Matteotti in Milan, Palazzo Gaddi in Florence, the Grand Hotel Dei Dogi and the Hotel Bellini in Venice, the Carlo IV in Prague, the New York Palace and the Residence in Budapest, and the Hotel Plaza in Nice. B2X has designed and established the social storytelling, fusing it with the brand’s new concept and mission. A form of luxury and wellbeing with an authentic style, that connects the hotel with the city. Since July, B2X has been managing the Instagram and Facebook profiles of each structure, including the corporate profile, defining the editorial strategy, carrying out community management activities and narrating the life of each single hotel as an anthology.

Management of 9 Facebook and Instagram Profiles
Defining Social Media Strategy and Style
Creation of editorial and visual contents
Content differentiation according to location

In evidence

Social Media Management
Art direction and photo shooting
Social Media Communication Strategy

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