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Nectomm Focus Digital Health

Guido Lucarelli, Founder & CEO of B2X, will be speaking at the Netcomm Focus Digital Health plenary conference.
“The new ever-connected consumer: the impact of digital on information, prevention and support procedures” is the theme of the round table discussion that welcomes Guido Lucarelli as participant, in the context of the plenary conference organised by Netcomm and dedicated to Digital Health. The conference will take place in Milan on 17 October at Auditorium Gio Ponti.
The speech will focus on: the integration of pharmacy networks to enhance product traceability at all times, management of “certified” information and patient-pharmacist relationships.
The event provides an opportunity to discuss the digital evolution transforming the world of health and is open to all Netcomm members. For the comprehensive programme, more information and to participate go to:

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